A Word From Our Founder

~ A company owned by veterinary radiologists. Dedicated to diagnostic support and education. ~

Dear Valued Client,

Thank you for using eVetDiagnostics. Our objective is to be an active member of your health-care team.

From our market survey, we have found:
  • In 80% of the cases, our radiologist and cardiologist findings validate your interpretation.
  • The report we generate acts as an entry to call back your clients.
  • Owner compliance with our collective recommendations is improved.
  • The typed report for each case enhances the medical record.
  • The specialist's report in the medical record removes anguish if the clients ask for a copy of their records when they wish to go elsewhere for a second opinion.
  • We do find variations and diseases that are not seen by many primary-care veterinarians in approximately 20% of the cases.
  • Good medicine is good business-it will have a very positive impact on your cash flow!
Based on these findings, the radiologists and cardiologists associated with eVetDiagnostics would like you to consider sending us all of your radiographs for review. If the program works as we think it will, you will ask us to continue reading all of your cases; otherwise, we can continue to receive cases from you on a case- per-case basis since there is no contractual agreement either way.

In either case, thank you for allowing us to be a member of your health-care team.


Victor Rendano VMD, MSc., DACVR, DACVR-RO
Founder, eVetDiagnostics