Photographing Radiographs

Follow these step by step instructions to photograph your radiographs for sending to eVet Diagnostics.


  • Turn off the camera flash and set the camera to the black and white mode.

  • Attach the camera to the vertical camera stand.

  • Place the radiograph on the viewer and turn the viewer on.
  • Turn off the room lights and turn on the small desk light to maintain visibility.

  • Use cardboard pieces to block out peripheral viewer light.

  • If needed, use the China markers to indicate left, right, DV, VD, date, time of day, or sequence on the radiographs.

  • Photograph an overall view and close-ups of the areas of concern.

  • Repeat this procedure for each radiograph being sent to eVetDiagnostics.

  • Follow the directions provided by your digital camera to download images onto your computer.

  • Save the images as JPEG files using the patient's name.

  • Follow the directions for Submitting a Case to upload images into eVetDiagnostics.

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