Modified Triadan Number System

Standardization nomenclature for dental submissions

The Modified Triadan Numbering System is the key that unlocks a unique nomenclature that allows for an exchange of medical information from............... practitioner to client and.......especially in referral cases!   Over a quarter of a century ago, Michael R. Floyd, DVM, FAVD wrote a paper in The Journal of Veterinary Dentistry: "The Modified Triadan System: Nomenclature for Veterinary Dentistry" [JVetDent 8[4]1991].  With Dr. Floyd's permission his paper became an important Appendix to An Atlas of Veterinary Dental Radiology-Edited by Donald H DeForge, VMD-Fellow of the Academy of Veterinary Dentistry and Ben H Colmery III, DVM-Diplomate of the American Veterinary Dental College.

As Dr. Floyd wrote: "The Modified Triadan System has a distinct advantage of anatomical notation in that it is equally easy to write, type, speak, print, store, and retrieve.  It leaves no room for confusion about left and right; upper and lower; or comparative evaluations between species even when one species has a reduced dentition."

Canine Numbering:

canine teeth3

Feline Numbering:  

Feline teeth3