...you have a stellar service that surpasses all of my expectations. Posting digital images could never be easier. But, the best part is that I receive my reports in such a timely fashion that it's almost like having you right here in my hospitals. I love the thought of using eVetDiagnostics.com as my "in-house" radiologist. My patients are getting expert diagnostics and I'm getting the benefit of expert collaboration. You've made practice exciting and fun again. Thank you for being the innovator that you are. The spirit could be contagious!


Dr. Douglas K. Wyler
New York State Board for Veterinary Medicine

William C. Schoenborn, DVM, DACVR (aka: Bill)

Dr. Schoenborn is a Cornell University alumnus (BS ’90, DVM ’94) and he completed a Small Animal Internship at the University of Minnesota (1995). Prior to pursuing a residency in radiology at the University of California at Davis (1999-2003), Dr. Schoenborn was a small animal practitioner in Syracuse, NY (1995-1999). Following board certification by the American College of Veterinary Radiology in 2002, Dr. Schoenborn worked in private practice in the San Francisco Bay Area (2002-2004).

 After relocating to Northeast Florida in 2004, Dr. Schoenborn established First Coast Veterinary Imaging, where he continues to provide diagnostic imaging support to local veterinarians. As diagnostic imaging often plays a major role in the clinical management of patient care, Dr. Schoenborn works with primary clinicians in the pursuit of diagnoses and the advancement of therapeutic regimens.

Dr. Schoenborn values his years as a general practitioner as much as his Diplomate status. Those years in general practice instilled a sense of practicality and perspective, which are invaluable in understanding the needs of the primary clinician, the pet owner and the patient.

Dr. Schoenborn looks forward to working with you and providing excellent service with practical applications. If you have any questions about diagnostic imaging or how eVetDiagnostics may help you and your patients, please do not hesitate to call.

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