POLICY CHANGE: Monday through Friday, eVetDiagnostics will do our best to honor your Requested Specialist selections for STAT cases. Please note, STAT cases that have been posted on weekdays for more than four hours or anytime on weekends (Friday, 5:00 PM ET - Monday, 5:00 AM ET) will be picked up by the first available Specialist independent of the Requested Specialist. This policy change will ensure you and your clients are receiving the best service from eVetDiagnostics. Regular status cases will continue to be read in the order received or by the Requested Specialist.
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Veterinary telemedicine is an easy and inexpensive tool that helps veterinarians provide their patients with world-class radiology service. You simply upload your cases to our servers, and our world-class veterinary radiologists will read them and report back their diagnoses.

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We carry quality supplies and equipment, and have partnered with companies that provide top quality items for your veterinary practice.