...you have a stellar service that surpasses all of my expectations. Posting digital images could never be easier. But, the best part is that I receive my reports in such a timely fashion that it's almost like having you right here in my hospitals. I love the thought of using eVetDiagnostics.com as my "in-house" radiologist. My patients are getting expert diagnostics and I'm getting the benefit of expert collaboration. You've made practice exciting and fun again. Thank you for being the innovator that you are. The spirit could be contagious!


Dr. Douglas K. Wyler
New York State Board for Veterinary Medicine

Robert Toal, DVM, MSc, DACVR

DVM, MS (Anatomy) University of Georgia
Private Practice 4yrs- Maryland and Virginia
Residency: Radiology, University of Georgia
Diplomate, American College of Veterinary Radiology 1982

Special Interests/Expertise: Ultrasonography, CT, MRI, radiology.

Bob is the author of more than 90 scientific publications about small and large animal imaging. He is also the author of the textbook, Ultrasound for the Practitioner. His most recent article (2015) in Clinician's Brief on line is- Human Fetal Ultrasound in the Veterinary Clinic- Is it Safe? He has been involved in over 100 international, national, regional, and local meetings regarding veterinary imaging.

Pets:  Jack, an West Highland White Terrier - a former shelter dogs.

Personal Facts:  A native of Maryland, Bob taught radiology, ultrasonography, and CT/MRI, and nuclear medicine at the University of Tennesee for 20 years.  As a veterinary radiologist, he has interpreted over 6000 MRIs.  He enjoys reading about history, spending time with is family and home restoration.  

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Veterinary telemedicine is an easy and inexpensive tool that helps veterinarians provide their patients with world-class radiology service. You simply upload your cases to our servers, and our world-class veterinary radiologists will read them and report back their diagnoses.

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