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Dr. Douglas K. Wyler
New York State Board for Veterinary Medicine

Catherine Banfield, DVM

Banfield picCatherine Banfield graduated from veterinary school at Michigan State University in 1980. She spent her first year in a large small animal practice. Next, she was hired by the State of 
Michigan to work as the State Veterinarian for all of the large Standardbred racing meets in Detroit, Michigan. After getting married and having her first child, she and her husband decided on a different type of life. Cathy accepted a Direct Commission as a Veterinary Officer, entering the Army as a Captain in 1985. In 1986, she was sent to Japan with her husband, her two year old son and her six week old son. She was assigned to Yokota Air Base, Japan. She supported two or more bases at a time [500 miles apart], staying a week at each and caring for thousands of private pets. During four years in Japan, she took care of 75 working dogs and became very interested in their problems, especially hip dysplasia. One dog required a bone scan at a Japanese human hospital; making her very interested in Radiology. 

She was fortunate enough to be selected for a veterinary radiology residency at Auburn University. She received her Master’s Degree in Radiological Physics in 1992 and completed her residency in 1993.

She was assigned as Chief of Clinical Services at the Department of Defense Military Working Dog Veterinary Services [known as the ‘Dog Center’] at Lackland Air Force Base in January of 1994. The Dog Center served as both a procurement and a referral center for the military dogs and dogs of other federal agencies. Cathy passed her exam in July of 1994 and became a Diplomate of the ACVR. She was also the Department of Defense’s only veterinary radiologist. In 1994, Cathy established a teleradiology system between the US Customs Center in Virginia and the Dog Center. She was able to care for dogs at both ends and to do procurement for both agencies simultaneously [evaluating over 700 dogs/year]. These systems were expanded to other sites. Cathy worked with a human radiologist to make better protocols for CT and MRI for working dogs. She published papers on hip dysplasia, LS disease, MRI imaging of stifle disease and Q fever in primates.

In 1997, Cathy was selected as the Commander of the 64th, a large veterinary unit in Germany next to Ramstein Air Base. Pets and working dogs were cared for at full service veterinary clinics in 5 locations. In 1998, the unit was activated and deployed to support task forces in Kosovo, Croatia, Bosnia, Albania, Macedonia and Hungary, supporting 250 deployed working dogs and food missions in all areas. Dogs received the most advanced possible medical care; often using the medical facilities for a CT scan or ultrasound.

In 2000, she was sent to Washington DC. She took command of a unit that cared for both the 45 horses of the 3rd Infantry [they work in Arlington National Cemetery] about 500 working dogs, and did food inspection. Dogs and horses were sent to Cathy for evaluation and imaging. Once this was done, she determined what care was needed next; medical treatment or surgery. She was the Officer-in-Charge of onsite care for horses and working dogs at the 43rd Precedential Inauguration, caring for 378 horses and 76 dogs. She also cared for the President’s personal pets. For one of the ‘first dogs’, Cathy put her under general anesthesia and then performed an IVU and double contrast cystogram. She was treated and recovered well. Cathy was also the only military veterinarian assigned to care for all of the Search and Rescue dogs at the Pentagon after September 11th. Cathy retired after over 20 years in the military, having been promoted to the rank of Colonel. She received numerous awards and honors, both from the military [Defense Meritorious Service Medal] and being selected as one of Michigan State’s distinguished alumni in 2004.

Cathy went to Mississippi State University to teach Veterinary Radiology in 2005. After a couple years there, she left full time work, to spend more time with her family. Her husband died after a long battle with bone cancer in 2014. She has two sons, both married and is expecting her first grandchild in August.

At present, she is a consulting radiologist with the Orthopedic Foundation for Animals and has been on their staff for 20 years. She frequently supports deployed military units by teleradiology; including units in Iraq, Afghanistan and currently Japan. She joined Evet in January of 2015 and really enjoys the many types of referral work and the chance to help so many patients and their referring veterinarians.


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